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The Clash

by Aaron Moore

My sons last week finally successfully convinced me to download and begin playing the game Clash of Clans. This is bad. In this game you must build the defense of your village while strategizing how to raid and destroy the defense of other villages. You can team up with other villages to form clans and […]

For Aylan

by Ron Tippens

Aylan Kurdi 2012-2015 Refugee child from Syria drowned at sea with his mother and brother. The late Malcolm Muggeridge in his book about Mother Teresa called “Something Beautiful For God” speaks of traveling with her to see the destitute and dying of Calcutta- the lepers- THE UNWANTED CHILDREN. He said his first reaction was horror, […]

Grief and Comfort

by Aaron Moore

It was a Friday morning. I was running late for work because I had stayed out late on Thursday night on a date with Sarah. Mom had babysat for us that night as she did so often. I remember coming home after our date to find mom asleep on the couch. She sat up in […]

A Dangerous Thing

by Ron Tippens

On Sunday August 30th we welcomed another church to join with in ministry on the ARPC campus: The New Life Nepali Church. Their pastor is a small, lovely lady – Pastor Mina. Pastor Mina founded a new church in her native Nepal where less than 3% of the population is Christian. She shared with us […]