Aylan Kurdi 2012-2015

Refugee child from Syria drowned at sea with his mother and brother.

The late Malcolm Muggeridge in his book about Mother Teresa called “Something Beautiful For God” speaks of traveling with her to see the destitute and dying of Calcutta- the lepers- THE UNWANTED CHILDREN. He said his first reaction was horror, the second pity and the third something he had never experienced before…

“an awareness. These dying men and women, these lepers with stumps instead of hands,
THESE UNWANTED CHILDREN, were not repulsive, but rather dear friends of long
standing- brothers and sisters.”

How can you explain this but that you see it as the very heart and mystery of the Christian faith?

“to soothe those battered old heads, to grasp those poor stumps, to take in ones arms
those children consigned to the garbage dump…”

BECAUSE it is His head, as they are His stumps and His children.

As Aylan was His child.
As thousands upon thousands of refugee children around the world are His children.

This call of God is clear…

Say no to wrong
Learn to do good
Work for justice
Help the down and out
Stand up for the homeless
Go to bat for the defenseless
(Isaiah 1)

Jesus is calling to us through Aylan…

“Whosoever receives one such child in My name receives Me.”

This church will receive them.