Soon (Sunday, November 1) it will be All Saints – one of the most meaningful services of worship of the year for me. Saints? That’s you and me – anyone who is in Christ. We are all called to be saints (I Corintians 1:2). Our culture¬†around us has ruined the word “saint” and we must reclaim it. Perhaps you don’t like the term “saint”. Doesn’t it seem…

  • ambitious, pretentious or proud?
  • reserved for the spiritually elite like Mother Theresa or Billie Graham.

What does being a saint have to do with us nice, ordinary people here at ARPC? Not much – just everything! This place is absolutely full of them: ordinary people who live extraordinary lives in Christ. Every where I hear and see them living quiet and faithful lives…

¬†speaking words of encouragement, holding someone’s hand, teaching children, baking cakes and pies to share, taking folks to the doctor, singing in the choir, praying, standing up for those who need an advocate, arranging flowers.

All Saints – I celebrate this church – full of them – NOW and the ones who have gone before. No, there is not a halo above their heads and they will never be canonized but the life of Jesus shines through them.

And when the saints go marching in: They will be in that Number!