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Old Bingo McDonald

by Aaron Moore

  Ok, sing with me, “Old McDonald had a farm, and Bingo was his name O”! This is a quote from my 3-year old daughter Joy. Cute; pitch perfect; yet missing the mark in some way. The other day we were out to lunch together and while she sat on the other side of the […]

How Great is Our God

by Ron Tippens

The message on a recent Sunday at ARPC was on worship. “What is Worship?” We looked at the fact that we live in a culture that can take us in the wrong direction with worship if we are not careful. For example we are an entertainment culture – we want to be entertained all the […]

Sunny Delight

by Aaron Moore

Years ago when Elliott was just a baby and my wife and I were early in our marriage we had one of many conversations about what we wanted for our kids. It’s highly possible that this particular conversation stemmed from watching a Sunny Delight commercial- but the gist was that we wanted to be “that […]