Some folk are saying…do you agree…?

  • That in the American church the worship of God has been reinterpreted as an activity for religious consumers
  • That too often worship is seen as a public-relations campaign with entertainment, cheerleading and manipulation
  • That worship too often has been cheapened into a commodity marketed by using tried and true advertising techniques
  • That if worshipers don’t “get anything out of it” there had been no worship worth coming back for

Is worship that which should be evaluated on the “consumer satisfaction” scale of one to ten?

Pastor Irene says NO!

And I’m with her…”

And community – some folks are saying… do you agree…?

  • That the church too often is understood by members and pastors in terms of its function – what it does: build buildings, become “successful” and CREATE PROGRAMS
  • That too often the church’s programs define people in terms of what they do – not who they are
  • That church is too often not in terms of personal relationships and a personal God but in terms of “getting things done”

Pastor Irene says NO! “And I’m with her…”

Pastor Irene is a real person and a real Presbyterian pastor and she said this:

 “I want to be a patient pastor. I want to have eyes to see and ears to hear what God is doing and saying in people’s lives. I don’t want to judge them in terms of what I think they should be doing. I want to be a witness to what God is doing in their lives, not a school mistress handing out grades for how well they are doing something for God. I want to take men and women seriously just as they are, appreciating them just as they are. I want to give them the dignity that derives from their being “the image of God” – a God-created being who has eternal worth without having to prove usefulness or be good for anything.”

I’m with Pastor Irene

I do not want to see my life with you dear folk of ARPC in such a functional way that the mystery gets squeezed out of me and you as a congregation. I ask you to so pray for me and for Christ’s church at 6740 Albemarle Road.