These were the words of Bill Gaut’s letter concerning the 2017 Mission Trip to Tazewell, TN. Bill attached photos of the house and family that ARPC will be ministering to. We are called – first of all to see!

“Amazing Grace how sweet the sound – was blind but now I SEE”

The composer of that great hymn, John Newton, at one time made his living by selling human beings as slaves. He was a captain of a slave ship. And then the grace of God opened his eyes and he saw these men and women of Africa as human beings – as his brothers and sisters. To be in Christ means to have our eyes opened – our hearts warmed and our feet, hands and minds at work. When we are so very focused on our own personal agendas we can lose sight of those in need around us. In our evangelism study we are called to “Walk across the room.” which assumes we first see the person across the room. If we are focused on our own level of comfort or what might make the person across the room different from us we run the risk of not seeing them. In Jesus’ parable of the rich man and Lazarus we find the rich man condemned because he never (throughout his life) ever truly saw Lazarus the beggar as a real human being . When a nation refuses to see that everyone is a human being that nation opens the door to inconceivable atrocities. In North Korea’s concentration camps, guards are instructed not to see any of those interred (many woman and children) as human beings. When they are not so seen then they can be treated horrifically.

Life in the Son is…
to be called
to see
to respond

Life in the Son is…
Life in the Holy Spirit who will
Open the eyes of our hearts 


Soli Deo Gloria
To God Alone Be All Glory

Pastor Ron