“To Miss the Joy is To Miss Everything” Robert Louis Stevenson

This next Sunday (6/25) I am going to bring my “bubble wand” and make some great big bubbles in worship. “You’re crazy” you say. And I would say “I know!”. Do bubbles, balloons, Hawaiian leis et. belong in church? They do if we are talking about Life in the Son. This next Lord’s Day is about Joy.

Joy is not just pleasure, or happiness, nor gush or just jolliness.

Life in the Son is about a joy that comes from the flow of the Spirit through us – reminding us that though everything does not work on our timetable and that even though things happen that break our hearts God is in control. Joy is knowing that God’s grace will be given for every and any occasion.

Joy – come and join us as we celebrate this gift of God to us during worship.

(C.S. Lewis)