Mission = Having a Big Heart

Christ followers are folks who have big hearts because the One they follow had a BIG heart. Jesus’ heart was so big that He was willing to live, suffer and die on a Roman cross for a world that despised him. But because His heart was the heart of God He looked beyond their cruelty and saw their need.

Life in the Son is about having a big heart: living compassion out in our world which too has great need. Just this past week 300+ of our neighbors were burned out of their apartment homes. The big hearted people of the Red Cross are there helping. Remember the Grinch who tried to steal Christmas? What was his problem? Shoes too tight for his feet?  No – his heart was 9 times too small.

Life in the Son: Following the One who can make our hearts big!

This next Sunday we will again hear this call with the goal of saying Lord, here I am – send me!