“Drawing on lessons from Nehemiah, we will learn and grow together so that we may strengthen our hands for the good work that God has in store for us.  We believe that God is calling us to renew and revitalize…to renovate…how we approach our congregations, presbyteries, covenant communities and our hearts. “

-from ECO’s National Gathering 2018


God is calling ARPC to RENOVATE! To RISE UP and BUILD! While we’re “renovating the sanctuary” we are “rising up” as missional disciples and we are “building” relationships with our neighbors!  For we are called and sent as “missional disciples for Jesus”!


God has a Mission. God has a Church. We are that church. Located in the center of an immigrant community, we have the opportunity to witness for Christ – shining as lights for Him – as the Church! Reaching out in love to our neighbors is key. How do our hands need to be strengthened “for the good work that God has in store for us?” How would God have us build relationships with our neighbors?  How would He have do ministry with people rather than just for them? Where is He already at work? How is He calling us to join Him?


As we examine our hearts, what needs to be renovated within us so we can be faithful to God’s calling? What attitudes need to be renovated? What beliefs need to be adjusted? What traditions might we need to release? What skills need to be learned to build meaningful relationships with our neighbors? Let’s ponder these questions as we spend time in Nehemiah – learning from him lessons of “Rising Up and Building” (and re-building) in response to God’s calling and faithfulness.