Hello, ARPC!

What a joy it is to serve as your Transitional Pastor. You are such sincere believers who love God and one another. Thank you for having fasted (as health permitted) and prayed in preparation for our Leadership Summit that was held on June 2! The Spirit showed up and our conversation was engaging.

While there, we reviewed ECO’s Mission Statement: “To build flourishing churches that make disciples of Jesus Christ!” and ARPC’s Strategic Vision, Mission Statement and goals – all through the lens of what it means to be “missional disciples.” We know we are called individually to represent Christ’s character everywhere we are and go. We are discerning ways God is leading ARPC (collectively) to fulfill His purposes for ARPC’s presence here in this community, right now! One key Q is: What does it mean for us to live out the Gospel and proclaim it in this time and place? Other key Q’s are more practical and are for individuals and the congregation alike: Where is God already at work in our neighborhood(s)? How would He like us to join Him?

Next steps: The Strategic Vision Ministry Team has committed to re-group (!) to update our Strategic Vision, Mission Statement and goals – based upon our collective discussion at the Leadership Summit. We’ll meet this summer before reporting to Session.

Let’s continue to unite in prayer over their work and these Q’s: How would God have us engage in relationships with our neighbors – on and off campus? How will God invite us to use “our” space -an oasis-like site in the city? How is He using us to make disciples?

Blessings and grace,
Pastor Anne