What a whirlwind week we had in late July! The electrical power may have been out in Calvin Hall, but the Holy Spirit power was turned on in our Family Life Center! Humbled by the opportunity to bless our neighbors who now had nothing (due to their apartment fire), our Session readily agreed to partner with the Red Cross as a Disaster Relief Drop-off Location. Gratefully, Barry Garrison readily offered his week to help lead the week-long effort! Originally we set aside a classroom, but…

Donations mushroomed due to the generous hearts of Charlotteans! As the Mexican consulate, Crisis Assistance and Red Cross case workers worked collaboratively at Albemarle Road Middle School on behalf of fourteen families, we were able to sort, fold and create a “store” out of a very tall mountain of donations – opening the store early for fire victims to “shop.” In addition to sharing items and food with the fire victims and our three immigrant congregations, just like the Jesus’ story of “Loaves and Fishes,” we were able to fill a few truckloads with clothing for Crisis Assistance Ministry to bless even more neighbors in need.

At the end, our bodies may have been a tad tired, but our hearts were extremely full! Grateful for ALL of the ARPC covenant partners and strangers (angels in our midst) who served alongside us, we praise God for allowing us to be “blessing people” – and we give Him the praise.

Please continue to pray for the fire victims as they settle in new surroundings. May their stories move from “victim” language to “redemption” language as God works in their lives!

Stories to follow in future editions of the Weekly Focus!

Blessings and grace,

Pastor Anne