It was the winter of 2014. When I learned that a friend and trustee of The Outreach Foundation could not accompany TOF Project Coordinator Ebralie Mwizerwa on a trip to Zambia and Zimbabwe the next month, I felt a strong urge to call her. We knew of each other, and she was aware of my history in supporting TOF’s ministries in Zambia. I said, “ It’s too bad that Mike cannot accompany you to visit leaders of TOF’s ministries in Zambia and Zimbabwe in Feb. I realize this is a “by invitation only” trip, but would you like to have a travel companion? I know many of the leaders of the ministries you’ll be visiting.” “Yes!!” she exclaimed.

Later that day, I called my husband, asking “Would you mind if I go to Africa next month – and meet Ebralie in Zimbabwe (I had not been there) – and she and I travel together (alone) for 2 to 3 weeks? I would fly through Frankfort to Cairo, overnight to Jo’burg to connect to Harare.” His instant response: “If you feel called, that’s fine.” Senior Pastor, the next day: “That’s fine!” Session: “That’s fine!”

A friend of The Outreach Foundation met me at the Harare airport and delivered me to our hotel, where Ebralie was eating breakfast with the only person I knew in all of Zimbabwe – Pastor Paul Nshangwe!  He introduced us! What a small world. Ebralie and I then traveled in a calm and effective manner. Throughout the trip we shared some adventures to be sure, yet we knew God was with us!

On the trip I learned that Ebralie was from Rwanda, that her family had been in the throes of the Civil War there in the 90’s, that her father had died from injuries sustained in protecting her cousins, and that her husband William – and later she and their children – had ended up in Nashville – a total “God-thing.” But I didn’t realize the extent of the trauma they had experienced as a result of the Civil War until I went to see “Beautifully Broken” this weekend. It is the story of three families (Ebralie and William Mwizerwa , one family from First Presbyterian in Nashville and another from rural Rwanda – and how God connected all three to create beauty from ashes.

In addition to poignantly demonstrating how acutely God’s eye is upon us and works for our good, the movie demonstrates how powerfully God used one congregation to make global impact by simply creating a Sustainable Refugee Community. I highly recommend that ARPC’ers go to see “Beautifully Broken”!

Blessings and grace,
Pastor Anne


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