Read the Bible in a Year!  This year!

Welcome to 2019!  

How would Jesus like you to live in relationship with Him this year? 

Together, by interacting with God’s grace, we can be with Jesus and become like him. Disciplines for the spiritual life help us “abide” in Jesus and bear fruit, to connect deeply with him and to become more loving like he is (John 15:1-17). There are a variety of disciplines for life in Christ that help us to grow in the love, joy and peace of God.

The most important discipline is the reading of scripture.  As we read it we understand God’s will and Jesus’ ways.  We grow in knowledge – and apply that knowledge to our hearts and lives. 

If you are interested in reading the Bible in 2019, check out the link above; it comes from Ligonier Ministries and offers a wide variety of reading plans!  Which plan suits you?  Then, find an accountability partner to report how it’s going and what you’re learning – so you make past Leviticus!  

Blessings and grace for 2019,

Pastor Anne