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Witnessing God’s Power

by PastorAnne

As Florence approaches landfall, surely we are in prayer for God to calm her fury and for all who are in harm’s way!  Praying, responding with hands-on help or donating disaster assistance supplies are but a few ways in which we carry out the New Testament commands to “love one another” and “bear one another’s […]

Beautifully Broken: A Must See!

by PastorAnne

It was the winter of 2014. When I learned that a friend and trustee of The Outreach Foundation could not accompany TOF Project Coordinator Ebralie Mwizerwa on a trip to Zambia and Zimbabwe the next month, I felt a strong urge to call her. We knew of each other, and she was aware of my […]

ARPC is building on the past… while reaching for the future!

by PastorAnne

On July 29, 2018 we celebrated the “Groundbreaking” or “Start of Construction” for our Sanctuary Up-do!  We left worship singing “10000 Reasons(!)” (Matt Redman), climbed the hill and donned bright yellow hard hats.  Children hammered one piece of wallboard while covenant partners wrote scripture and signed another piece (this one to be used) – all […]


by PastorAnne

What a whirlwind week we had in late July! The electrical power may have been out in Calvin Hall, but the Holy Spirit power was turned on in our Family Life Center! Humbled by the opportunity to bless our neighbors who now had nothing (due to their apartment fire), our Session readily agreed to partner […]

A Word From Pastor Anne

by PastorAnne

Hello, ARPC! What a joy it is to serve as your Transitional Pastor. You are such sincere believers who love God and one another. Thank you for having fasted (as health permitted) and prayed in preparation for our Leadership Summit that was held on June 2! The Spirit showed up and our conversation was engaging. […]

Nehemiah 2:18 – Rise Up & Build!

by PastorAnne

“Drawing on lessons from Nehemiah, we will learn and grow together so that we may strengthen our hands for the good work that God has in store for us.  We believe that God is calling us to renew and revitalize…to renovate…how we approach our congregations, presbyteries, covenant communities and our hearts. “ -from ECO’s National Gathering 2018   God is calling […]