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Knowing the Lord

by Aaron Moore

1 Samuel 1:1-4:22 I have always loved the OT story of the boy Samuel first being introduced to the voice of God. I remember my mom reading it to me out of the Good News Bible when I was just a boy, complete with simple illustrations to drive home the narrative. I love reading it […]

Notes on Israel Pilgrimage: Mt. Carmel

by Aaron Moore

1 Kings 18 (James 5:17) They’re in their third year of drought and famine. Elijah seems to all Israel to be the cause. After all, he was the one who told King Ahab that it would not rain again except at his word. No wonder they were searching all over Israel for this prophet. No […]

Notes on Israel Pilgrimage, En Gedi

by Aaron Moore

Notes on Israel Pilgrimage, En Gedi: Psalm 11, and 1 Samuel 24 En Gedi is an oasis, a fresh water stream in the midst of the mountain desert a short distance from the Dead Sea. En Gedi is where David was thought to have written many of his psalms. It was also here where David […]