During our Summer Life in the Son, Sunday School is available for all ages beginning at 9:00 am. Adult classes meet in the Chapel building.

We also have classes for children and babies meeting in the Sunday School building just adjacent to the Chapel building. The children gather together first for singing with the Children’s Choir before breaking up by age group.

  • Three – four year olds,
  • Pre-K – Kindergarten,
  • 1st and 2nd graders, and
  • 3rd and 4th


In proximity to Sunday School classrooms there is a cheerful, bright nursery area for infants and toddlers supervised by dedicated volunteers.



From September to June Sunday School follows the First Light Service and is available for all ages beginning at 10:05. There are four adult classes from which to choose, all meeting in the Chapel building, and all engaging different aspects of Christian discipleship. No one is excluded from any of these classes, but they do generally breakdown by age.

  • The 20’s-40’s class that meets in room 108 led by Dan and Lee Shearer.
  • The 40’s-50’s class meets in room 103 with shared leadership.
  • The 50’s – 60’s class meets in room 104 led by Dr. Wirt Neale
  • The older adults meet in the overflow room led by Pastor Ron
  • The choir members meet in the choir room led by various choir members
  • High School Teens meet in the Parlor of the Chapel building, and
  • The 5th – 8th graders meet in the Gym.