IMPACT is a ministry for the teenagers and families of Albemarle Road Presbyterian. Jesus gave no age requirement for discipleship, He only says, “Come follow me”. IMPACT is about extending that call to families as well as being an encouragement along the journey.

While we seek to be a dynamic and formative ministry, we fully affirm the role of the home and family as the primary place of discipleship of our young people. We recognize the impact that Jesus has on the lives of all our people, and the impact is exponential. Our Adult leadership team has a heart for impacting our teens and a desire for our teens to impact their friends and communities, as well as each other with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Each week in our meetings we have a time of games and fellowship, followed by a time of relational and relevant Bible discussion. Young people have hard questions and they deserve good answers. IMPACT seeks to be the place not only where questions are explored and answered, but where lifestyles and worldviews are shaped and equipped.

The youth recently enjoyed a lock-in. Watch the video to enjoy highlights from our event.


KID’S CLUB gathers the children of ARPC for a time of fun games, snacks, crafts, and a Bible Lesson geared for this age group. Each Sunday our Adult Leadership Team meets with children in grades K-5 for an hour and a half to engage them in formative discipleship that is age appropriate. At ARPC we are committed to the care and spiritual formation of our children, while believing at the same time that that their most formative discipleship happens in the home. It is our hope that we can be an encouragement to families to have regular devotions and prayer together, and that Kid’s Club will be an impactful supplement to the spiritual  nurture of our young people. Kid’s Club meets on Fridays 6pm-7:30pmimage